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Peak Mino

Many of you have heard about Peak Oil and the impending crisis expected by the depletion of our planet’s oil reserves. That’s a pretty important topic, but there’s a smaller, lesser-known problem that’s sneaking up on us all unknowing: Peak Mino.

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Event Based Tetris

I didn’t really mean to do another Tetris post this soon, but circumstances have occasioned it. This will be of little interest to anyone not involved in Nullpomino‘s development.

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Three Things that Make Modern Tetris Interesting

Most people have played Tetris in some form or other. It is one of the most-cloned games in existence. It’s existed in some form on everything that can play games, and even some things that shouldn’t.  The majority of Tetris clones only bear a superficial similarity to the game that real fans have come to know, though. This happens for various reasons, I’m sure, but the primary one is definitely ignorance. The technical details of how current official games work are actually quite interesting—but if you’re just writing a Tetris clone for your programming class, you probably have no idea they even exist. That’s why I’m going to tell you.

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