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Dragon Slaying

I’ve found a decent solution (and┬ámade it work, which took another couple days). This probably would have gone a lot faster and easier if I was already used to working with Python and/or libraries and frameworks, but it was a great learning experience.

To keep this short, here is how you can add individual permissions to TurboGears with repoze.what quickstart

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Here be Dragons!

(Or: A Twisty Tale of Python Programming)

Fresh on the heels of success, I sailed ever further…

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The Evolution of a Keyboard Enthusiast

There are a handful of things which I am a Big Nerd about. “Big”, here, is multiplied by the inverse of the quantity of people that are also nerds about some topic. In this instance, the topic is keyboards. Did you know that there is a whole forum devoted to keyboard topics that many people don’t even know exist? I didn’t, until a year or so ago.

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