Keyword spam: Integrating should.js BDD unit tests into WebStorm for node.js

What a title. Ugh.

I spent a while trying to figure out if there was a way that I could use should.js BDD-style asserts and have WebStorm’s integrated test runner understand the results. It appears that nodeunit is integrated nicely, but you have to write nodeunit tests. Here’s a little hack I came up with to let me use should.js…

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Balanced shuffle in Javascript

Not that I’m prone to posting a lot in the first place, but I’ve been pretty busy writing code for a while now. I was loading up some music before getting down to business and needed a new shuffle to include all the new music since I last generated a playlist… but the code that does my shuffles is old and written in mIRC script. Well, I’m getting quite comfortable with Javascript now, and I’ve read about these new fancy APIs, plus I have no idea what I did with the .mrc file. I  decided to write it up in JS.

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Peak Mino

Many of you have heard about Peak Oil and the impending crisis expected by the depletion of our planet’s oil reserves. That’s a pretty important topic, but there’s a smaller, lesser-known problem that’s sneaking up on us all unknowing: Peak Mino.

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…A Distance There Is…

I found Theatre of Tragedy through their older stuff, around the time Musique came out. It’s common for fans of the band to disown their newer stuff, but I’ve found I enjoy each album for what it is. Still, it’s their older albums that interest me the most. They’re pretty interesting and distinct, particularly the vocal parts…

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Vader’s beats


“We will never surrender!” screamed the diplomat.

“Blow them up,” said Lord Vader, and signed off.

The officers looked at each other a moment, then scrambled for the controls.

When all was ready, the Commander announced, “Firing in three… two… one….”

The crew braced themselves. The Commander pressed the button.

Nothing happened.

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