I was in Seattle today and, on a lark, decided to go check out the local dead drops. I thought it was an interesting thing, and was curious if people were actually doing anything with it. I was honestly a little concerned about what I might run into, but it turns  out I needn’t have been…

I visited four out of five, eschewing the one on UW campus because I didn’t really want to wander around the campus, not being a student. Two were absent (removed or stolen), one was broken (smashed off), and one, the newest, was completely empty. Obviously there was a good chance I’d find nothing, but I was somewhat disappointed anyway; this thing is kind of like geocaching for even nerdier people, and I was set to go discovering!

I didn’t really have anything to leave, so maybe it’s karma. I’m thinking of setting up my own, nearer home, but then how to prevent trolls from ruining my fun? And what would I put on it? What kind of thing would be interesting to find on a hidden, anonymous USB drive? Hmmm…

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