Damned commercials, you think, reaching for the remote. The TiVo loudly announces that it’s out of buffer and you’re just going to have to sit there in your pajamas and wait, thank you very much. Just then, you remember that you forgot to remember to get the mail, though, so you mute the tube and head for the door…

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How to Give People Change

Some people think about even the simplest things in life. Most people don’t… particularly fast food workers. I present to you, then: How to Give People Change

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Dead drops

I was in Seattle today and, on a lark, decided to go check out the local dead drops. I thought it was an interesting thing, and was curious if people were actually doing anything with it. I was honestly a little concerned about what I might run into, but it turns  out I needn’t have been…

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Permanently change keyboard layout on Ubuntu Server 11.10

I have been working to get Ubuntu Server 11.10 up and running in VMware Player recently. The trouble is, I type in Dvorak. I can switch at will easily enough, but it’s very confusing/annoying to do it on the same computer when switching between windows. So, I needed to change the default system layout to be Dvorak. Should be easy, right?


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Dragon Slaying

I’ve found a decent solution (and made it work, which took another couple days). This probably would have gone a lot faster and easier if I was already used to working with Python and/or libraries and frameworks, but it was a great learning experience.

To keep this short, here is how you can add individual permissions to TurboGears with repoze.what quickstart

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